I have practised and at times struggled with my meditation habit for the past 30 years. I have taken many workshops and classes in hopes of finding one that fits who I am and my goals. A number of years ago I went on a retreat to Colorado to learn more about the Shambhala tradition. I was hooked and found my style. There have still been discoveries and hurdles in my practise but I found my groove.

I want to be able to help people find their groove and develop their own meditation method so I developed a four week meditation class that looks at the many techniques and props that can be used in your meditation practise. You will be able to try meditating with music, in silence, with cushions or kneeling benches, singing bowls, mantras and mudras. At the end of four weeks you will discover which method and manner best suites you. Where you can find your groove and practise.

I also offer classes on the chakra system and teach you how to balance this energetic system.


*Learn to Meditate. Four week course. Starting Wednesday Oct. 3rd -31st (no class on the 24th)  6:00-700 pm. Cost $40 plus GST

* All About Chakra Workshop. Learn what chakras are and how to balance them using various techniques such as meditation, crystals, chakra bracelets and candles. Sept. 30 from 1-3. Class limit 7 people. Cost $25 plus taxes.

*Meditation mornings. For the months of September, October and November we will be sitting and meditating every Sat morning from 9:30 am- to 10:00 am. There will be no class on Sept 15th, October 13th or October 20th. Cost by donation.

Register as soon as possible as space is limited.