Teas with the ingredient Oolong

Iron Goddess of Mercy

Side Notes – Oolong Tea

This is a light oolong from China that is closer to a green than a black. It has light flavours.

Steep 2-4 minutes

$8.50 per 50grams


Milky Oolong

Side Notes – Oolong Tea

A naturally flavoured premium oolong with very delicate milky and orchid flavours.

Steep 2-3 minutes

$17.00 per 50grams

Ingredients: ,

Oolong Pink Beauty

Side Notes – Oolong Tea; Flavoured Tea

A perfect harmony of fruits, spices, nuts and florals. You get this lovely rose, vanilla flavours wrapped up in city’s and coconut flavours, all subtle and brilliantly blended.

Steep 3-5 minutes

$8.50 per 50grams

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