Herbal Tea

Chocolate Orange Star

Chocolate smooth flavours with hints of orange. Excellent in the evenings as it has no caffeine.

Steep 3-5 minutes

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Egyptian Chamomile

Aromatic tea that is great for relaxing. Serve hot or cold. Add mint or honey.

Steep 8-10 min.

*people with a ragweed allergy should avoid chamomile.


Ginger Pieces

Used on its own or blended with other teas. Wonderful hot or cold.

Steep 8-10 min.



On its own or mixed with other teas it is a wonderful classic floral tea. Great to help relax you in the evenings.

Steep 8-10 min.


Licorice Root

Add sweetness to any tea.

Steep 8-10 min.


Nana Mint

Refreshing and fragrant spearmint tea that is great hot or cold.

Steep 8-10 min.


Organic Peppermint

Oganic peppermint leaves are gently dried. This herb is excellent hot or cold and to blend with your green, herbal or black teas to jazz up the flavour.

Steep 8-10 minutes


Raspberry Leaf


Strawberry Mint

Side Notes – Seasonal:

This tea makes an amazing iced tea but it is still enjoyable hot.

Steep 5-10 min.

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Stress Relief

A yummy tasting tea to get your relaxed for the evening or ready for bed.

Steep 2-5 minutes

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