Antigymnastique or Antigym was developed by Therese Bertherat, physiotherapist and best seller international author of The Body has Its Reasons. This unique method focuses on doing movements that are the opposite of mindless, repetitive and systematic training. Instead Antigymnastique has a set of sequences or movements that are simple and precise. The goal of this method is to release muscular tension which can help with realigning the body and increase muscle tone. It can also create more flexibility and ease of movement within our bodies and everyday life. By doing these things bodyily pain my be reduced. The sequences are done at your own pace or rythm with as little or as much intensity as you choose. The classes and workshops are kept small and taught by certified trained practitioners. We recommend taking one of our free discovery classes to experience what this method has to offer.

Due to the rise in Covid-19 numbers classes are on hold.