Meditation & More

I have practised and at times struggled with my meditation habit for over 30 years. I have taken many workshops and classes in hopes of finding one that fits who I am and my intentions. A number of years ago I went on a retreat to Colorado to learn more about a particular method of Buddhist meditation. I was hooked and found my style or my groove. Currently, I am working towards my certification as a Breathwork Instructor.

Because of my journey, I wanted to be able to help people find their own personal groove. So I developed a class that will explore many techniques and types of breath work that can be incorporated into their own personal practise You will be able to try meditating with music, in slience, with cushions or kneeling benches, singing bowls, mantras, mudras and a variety of breathing techniques. At the end of the class you will discover which method best suites you.

Classes are kept small. Small groups and private sessions are available. Please call for further details. Due to the rise in Covid-19 numbers classes are on hold.