All clases are canceled due to Covid. Stay tune as we convert to online.

MEDITATION: have practised and at times struggled with my meditation habit for the past 30 years. I have taken many workshops and classes in hopes of finding one that fits who I am and my goals. A number of years ago I went on a retreat to Colorado to learn more about the Shambhala tradition. I was hooked and found my style. There have still been discoveries and hurdles in my practise but I found my groove.

I want to be able to help people find their groove and develop their own meditation method so I developed a four week meditation class that looks at the many techniques and props that can be used in your meditation practise. You will be able to try meditating with music, in silence, with cushions or kneeling benches, singing bowls, mantras and mudras. At the end of four weeks you will discover which method and manner best suites you. Where you can find your groove and practise.

We are also offering an advanced meditation class where you can take the basics learnt and expland them. You are required to be able to sit and meditate for a minimum of 20 mins.

Meditating while making your own mala is our new class. Whether you are a beginner or advanced with your practise, this class is not only relaxing but very powerful. We end with a finished mala that we can meditate with.

CHAKRA TEA HARMONY: Learn about the 7 basic chakras within your body. Each point influences a particular part of the body or organ. They each have their own color, vibration and Sanskrit name. You will learn the signs of when your chakra is deficiet or has excessive energy. How to open and close them, how to clear them, which element and stones belong to them. You will also be able to blend your own personal tea that will aid in balancing a particular chakra.

MEDITATION BENCHES: We also make and carry meditation benches which takes the pressure off your knees and puts your back in correct alignment. They have folding legs for easy storage and they are great for travelling.They come in regular and tall. Price ranges from $50-$85 depending on the wood.


Hand made cushions made with buckwheat and handmade wooden tables. Coming soon.


* Meditation for Beginners: Four week course. Starting Wednesday March 4th to March 25th from 6:00-7:00. Cost $45 plus GST

*Mala Making the traditional way: Make your own mala the traditional way through mindfulness. TBA. Cost $60 plus GST.

* Chakra Tea Harmony. Learn to balance your chakras using the healing comforts of tea. Class includes two personally blended teas. Class limit 12 people. Cost $55 plus GST. TBA.