Welcome to the Zen Room.

Currently all classes are canceled due to Covid 19. Stay tune as we try to put some of out classes on line.

What goes better with a cup of tea than releasing some tension and having some peace.

In the Zen Room you will find information on some of the courses that we offer to help you unwind and breathe. These courses and workshops are specifically designed to help you learn how to relax, breathe, release muscular tension and unwind from our busy world. You will also find quotes and words of wisdom in this section. I love reading quotes and little sayings so I wanted to share that love with my readers.

To learn more about what we offer just click on the menu and read up on meditation, Quantum Shamanic Journey Work, Chakras for Beginners, Pendulum for Beginners, Antigymnasique, and Reiki. You will find the descriptions of each modality and when we offer workshops and courses.