New Spring and Summer Teas

Spring has sprung and summer is here. Many new teas have arrived. I have new rooibos, fruit, and black teas. Here are some of my favourites.

Strawberry Cream Rooibos: This is amazing hot or cold. It makes a strong cup of tea so it is great for making iced tea.

Mango Indica Black: I can’t decide whether I like this one better hot or cold. I just love the mango tropic taste this tea makes.

Pina Colada Fruit: Need I say more. Hot, cold or with a little bit of alcohol, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Strawberry Mint Herbal: This is a beautiful blend of mint and strawberries. Again this is one of those teas that makes a great hot or cold beverage.

Other teas that have arrived or are back can be found in our tea list. Here are the names that you can look for Treasure of the Caribbean Black, Strawberry Cream Black, Blood Orange Fruit, Kiba Flip Fruit, Organic Grapefruit, and Lime Sage Rooibos. Our sun teas will be in again this year but only when it gets a little bit warmer out.