Warm Weather Means New Teas

With the weather being so mild and warm it can only mean that spring is here and summer will be just around the corner. This means our tea selection will change as we move towards fruity teas and teas which make delicious natural iced teas. I hope to have our spring and summer teas arriving as early as mid April.

Just in case you can’t wait our Treasure of the Caribbean black tea is in stock and is wonderful warm or cold.  To enjoy this as an iced tea just use a heaping teaspoon of loose leaf tea per cup and steep for three to five minutes. Then remove the tea leaves and let the tea cool down and place in the fridge to chill. If you want to enjoy your iced tea sooner just pour your steeped tea over a glass filled with ice. Add sugar or honey to taste. If you like your iced tea strong just add more tea and Do Not increase the steeping time. If you over steep your tea it will become bitter in taste.

Stay tuned for more tea tips and recipes.