Reiki pronounced “Ray Key” is a Japanese technique or method to help reduce stress, tension and to activate the persons natural healing process using touch. It is a form of energy medicine. Energy medicine or methods that work with the body’s qi or life force have been around for thousand of years. It is just in recent years where Reiki has become more familiar in western society. As we study and learn more about the effects of Reiki, the more we will see this form of energy practise within hospitals and in everyday society.

I am a Tera Mai Reiki Seichem master, who has been practising this technique for over 28 years. Sessions are usually one hour in length and are held in a comfortable environment. The person is fully clothed and lying down on a massage table with a blanket on them to keep them warm. It is very relaxing and people often comment that the effects last for days. Call to book and appointment. Cost $70 plus GST

*Long distant treaments, $70 plus GST. call or email to book.

I also teach level one and two Tera Mai Reiki and Seichem. Classes typically are held in the fall and winter seasons.

*Tera Mai Reiki Level I: TBA. Usually held on a Sunday from 9:00-4:00. Cost $270 plus GST

*Tera Mai Reiki Level II: TBA. Usually held on a Sunday  from 9:00-4:00. Cost $350 plus GST