White Tea

Nights in Paris

Side Notes – Flavoured Tea
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Pai Mu Tan

Harvested in the spring and produced according to time honoured traditions, this tea is dried in the sun and gently roasted. What is unique about this white tea is that it is slightly fermented which is unusual for most white teas. The leaves are very large and the tips have a silvery color. It makes a brown-yellow infusion with very subtle floral and baked tastes.

Steep 2-3 minutes

$9.50 per 50grams


Source of Wisdom

Side Notes – Flavoured Tea

Not only a beautiful tasting tea but it looks wonderful. It has tiny green tea bricks. The peony petals and tea blossoms add a hint of gentle floral.

Steep 2-3 min.

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Tropical Glow

Side Notes – Seasonal:

A white tea with tropical fruity notes. This tea is fantastic hot or cold.

Steep 1-2 minutes

$9.50 per 50grams

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