Heart and Soul of Cuppa T.

The heart & soul of this place.

Let me introduce myself. I am Jule owner and operator of Cuppa T.  For me it is all about my love for Cuppa T. People often tell me that they can feel and see my passion for tea when they enter the store. So for me owning my own tea store was a dream come true. I often get asked if I drink tea every day and the answer is “absolutely”. I usually drink my tea black or with nothing added to it and enjoy both hot and cold tea. Ienjoy most teas but I am not a big herbal tea fan but I do have a couple of favourites. As a treat you will catch me making lattes or blending teas to get a particular flavour.




Cuppa T’ Speciality Fine Teas is a unique and inviting tea store nestled in the Cathedral area on 13th Ave.

Cuppa T’ Specialty Fine Teas is a unique and inviting tea store nestled in the Cathedral area on 13th Ave in Regina, Saskatchewan. Here you will find the owner and staff, who are passionate and knowledgeable about tea.

Our tea selection is usually around 100 plus teas. It changes slightly every season to enhance your tea experience.  Spring and summer are full of fruity flavours and make amazing iced tea. Fall and winter teas focus on warm flavours with nuts and aromatic spices. If you like your tea pure and simple, you will always find an elegant selection of our traditional classics.

We also offer unique tea pots, cups, strainers, gift baskets and related accessories. Whether you are a beginner tea drinker or a connoisseur, we have the accessories to suit your needs. We love to help you find what best fits your tea habit so you can have a relaxing and enjoyable cup of tea every time.